Charles County Keno Fan ‘Z Zero’ Wins Six-Digit Prize

“Z Zero” of Charles County matched nine Keno numbers to win $150,000.

Super Bonus wager gives grandfather $150,000 windfall

A White Plains grandfather who works for the city government in Washington, D.C. says he buys Lottery games in the district once in a while. However, most of his Lottery play takes place in Maryland and that’s unlikely to change, especially after he won a $150,000 prize from the Maryland Lottery!

The 70-year-old reports that Keno is his game of choice and that’s the game that delivered his big prize.

“I stop for tickets after work most days, bring them home and check the results on my Lottery app after dinner,” said “Z Zero,” the nickname he gave himself for his Lottery publicity.

On July 6, the Charles County resident bought a 9-spot Keno ticket with the Super Bonus prize multiplier option while at Westlake Liquors in Waldorf. He noticed immediately that several of the numbers that he always plays — 5, 7, 17, 24, 30, 70, 71, 77 and 80 — were among the winning numbers for a game he was examining. He then looked for additional matches on his two-draw wager.

“I saw five more numbers on the results and on my ticket – or thought I did.” He looked again and all nine matches were there.

“I said to myself that there was no way, that I had to be seeing things.” “Z Zero” put down the ticket and his phone, took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes. “I looked again, back and forth from the app on my phone in one hand to the ticket in the other, two more times, in fact.” Finally convinced, our winner jumped into the air shouting, “I did it!”

The Washington, D.C. employee had retired from his job five years ago but recently returned. He has no immediate plans for his winnings. “I imagine I’ll share this with my family, but who knows what else?”

This fun chapter in his lucky story ends with Westlake Liquors. The Lottery retailer located at 1182 Smallwood Drive in Waldorf earns a bonus of $1,500 from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket worth $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.