Charles County Woman’s Short Walk Leads to Bonus Match 5 Win

Takes home top $50,094 prize

A 73-year-old woman from Waldorf went for a daily stroll last March to pick up her Maryland Lottery daily numbers. Among her purchases was a $6 Bonus Match 5 ticket with nine boards. Unbeknownst to her, that $6 ticket would become a $50,094 winner!

It took almost three months for the lucky woman to come into Lottery headquarters in Baltimore and claim the big prize. Just because she waited to claim her winnings, didn’t mean it wasn’t an occasion to celebrate. Her adult son happily accompanied her while she picked up her biggest Lottery win to date.

Recalling the fateful day that lead to this win, the woman told Lottery officials that she always goes to Charles Station in Waldorf to pick up her daily numbers. “This is where I usually buy my tickets from because it’s so close. I don’t really drive,” she said.

The winner’s son said his mother loves playing the Maryland Lottery and bingo. “This usually gives her something to do,” he said. “I love seeing her excited, especially when she wins!”

Our lucky lady has big plans for her winnings. After paying off a few bills, she’s going to take a trip to visit family in Italy.

This winning Bonus Match 5 ticket from the March 20 drawing was purchased at Charles Station located at 3131 Saint Charles Parkway in Waldorf.