‘Cinderblock’ Wins $50,000 with Favorite Lottery Game

“Cinderblock” of Bowie won his favorite game after playing the same numbers for nearly a decade!

Bowie fan claims top prize in Bonus Match 5 drawing

A Bonus Match 5 fan from Bowie enjoyed an excellent start to the long Memorial Day weekend by winning a $50,000 top prize on one of his favorite Maryland Lottery games. Lucky “Cinderblock” won big in the May 23 drawing!

“I honestly could not believe it. As I was looking at the numbers I said, ‘Wait a second, those look like my numbers!’ ”

“Cinderblock” bought his lucky ticket after a long day at work. The Prince George’s County resident decided to test his Lottery luck and drove to Crofton Exxon in Anne Arundel County, which is his favorite Lottery retailer. The 62-year-old wanted to buy a ticket for that night’s drawing and get gas for the holiday weekend.

“Cinderblock,” who also loves Keno and won $1,000 on that game earlier this year, has played the same numbers in his Bonus Match 5 games for nearly a decade. The loyal player tries to get a ticket for each drawing because the one time he didn’t do so, his numbers were drawn.

After the drawing, he looked up the winning numbers and was filled with excitement because his dream of a big win came true. “Cinderblock” plans to spend his prize on a new garage door, a new washer and new dryer.

Joining “Cinderblock” in celebration is his lucky retailer. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning ticket, the Crofton Exxon located at 1276 Route 3 South in Crofton earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.