Claiming Her Lottery Prize Gives Senior a Shocking Surprise

Bingo Multiplier scratch-off worth $50,000, not $10,000

218-Bingo-Multiplier-ITVM_P1-greenA 76-year-old Edgewater woman made it all the way to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the $10,000 prize on her Bingo Multiplier scratch-off only to get shocking news – she won $50,000, not $10,000!

The Anne Arundel County resident didn’t realize that a 5x multiplier on her winning ticket boosted her prize until Lottery officials processed the $5 scratch-off. “It’s shocking enough to think I won $10,000 but to get here and find out it’s so much more, it really feels great,” she said. “This is so amazing!”

The loyal player found her $50,000 winning instant ticket at Lucky’s Superette in Edgewater after first buying a Bingo Multiplier scratch-off that was a $25 winner. She bought the first game to help pass the time while driving with her husband to Delaware for a shopping trip. The lucky lady figured she’d return to the same retailer and buy the same instant ticket in hopes of winning twice in a row with the same game. That great decision made her $50,000 richer!

She and her husband are remodeling their kitchen and will upgrade that project and buy a new refrigerator, as well. “We didn’t want to have to put it on a credit card and now we don’t have to,” she said. They plan to save the rest of her prize.

For selling the top-prize ticket in the game, Lucky’s Superette will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. Bingo Multiplier is an extended play scratch-off and currently has two more $50,000 top prizes and four $10,000 prizes remaining.