Coastie Cruises Away with $10,000 Maximum Jackpot Prize

Coast Guard member wins big during holiday weekend

A U.S. Coast Guard member managed to cruise away with a whale of a Maryland Lottery scratch-off prize in the days following the Thanksgiving holiday. The 46-year-old was running errands on Sunday when he purchased a Maximum Jackpot scratch-off that produced a $10,000 prize.

The lucky Arizona man, who is stationed in Maryland, performs logistical tasks for the Coast Guard. He decided to pick up an instant ticket along with dinner when he visited ShopRite located at 6710 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. After clearing the checkout line, he set a course for the store’s instant ticket vending machine and bought one $10 Maximum Jackpot scratch-off.

He went home to scratch off the ticket and saw that none of his winning numbers matched. Then, he revealed a symbol that said, “Win All.” All 25 prizes were his and they totaled $10,000, giving the happy man a second-tier prize.

The lucky player said he plans to use his post-Thanksgiving windfall to pay off bills, but said he’d also be interested in a second-helping of Lottery luck in the future!

The Maximum Jackpot scratch-off still has four unclaimed $100,000 top prizes along with six more $10,000 prizes and thousands of lower-level prizes of $10 to $1,000.