Cockeysville Hair Stylist Wins $10,000

$10K Gold Hard Cash_Sutton_webCongratulations Tara Sutton! This Pick 3 and Pick 4 player hit $10,000 playing a scratch-off!

Finds $10,000 prize playing Gold Hard Cash game

A 45-year-old hairstylist who is a novice to playing scratch-off games took a chance on one and enjoyed her first brush with good fortune. Tara Sutton of Cockeysville won $10,000!

She was on her way to work with one of her clients, who is also a friend, when she decided to play a scratch-off at 7-Eleven #37002. The store is in Baltimore City located at 239 North Gay Street. She normally plays Pick 3 and Pick 4, but when her friend purchased some scratch-offs, Tara bought one too.

The winner says there was no particular reason why she chose the Gold Hard Cash game. “I just bought a $10 ticket that was different from the one my friend bought,” said the winner. “But, I let her scratch it for me when we got back to my job.”

Tara was stunned to hear her friend start adding up $1,000 prizes.

“She said, ‘There’s one, two, three’ and kept counting on up,” said Tara. “I didn’t believe her, I had to see for myself.”  The winner quickly grabbed her lucky scratch-off and put it in her purse.

Tara visited the Lottery’s website several times to see when she could claim the prize and found out she had to wait until Monday. She and her good friend, Jerome Harrison, were the first people in the Lottery Customer Resource Center Monday morning. “I am very happy for her and so glad that she won,” Jerome said.

The mother of two adult children, Tara is a grandmother of one and has a second grandchild on the way. She will spend most of her prize on bills, she said.