Coffee Stop Sweetened with $30,000 Scratch-off Win

Cash Craze Crossword yields another top prize

A 42-year-old Beltsville man and his co-worker stopped in for coffee at their local 7-Eleven earlier this week and walked out with a sweet addition – a $30,000 winning Cash Craze Crossword scratch-off.

The two were on their way to work when Fredy Corado decided to play a scratch-off just for fun. He chose the $3 Cash Craze Crossword game because, he said, “It’s fun to find the words.”

Fredy scratched the game off in the store and was surprised when he kept revealing words. “I saw one word, then two, then three, all the way up to 10,” he said, smiling. “I knew it was $30,000 when I looked at the little prize legend on the ticket.”

Even though Fredy knew his instant ticket was a top-prize winner, he asked the store to double check the game. The cashier confirmed the win, adding that the prize was too high for the Beltsville store to cash.

Unsure how to claim his prize, Fredy visited another Lottery retailer and learned he had to take the scratch-off to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The excited winner shared the news with his wife and other family members and friends.

“She was so happy for me,” said Fredy, who works in the home improvement field. The winner placed the lucky instant ticket in his wallet and went on to work. The married father of three claimed his big prize the next day with his friend by his side.

“We always play the crossword games together, I hope to win next,” said his friend, laughing.

Fredy told Lottery officials that he has no immediate plans for his prize and will save it to spend later.

The lucky Prince George’s County retailer also wins! For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game, 7-Eleven #27641 located at 5049 Garrett Avenue in Beltsville will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.

There are still thousands of prizes remaining in the Cash Craze Crossword game, including one more $30,000 top prize, three $10,000 prizes and three $5,000 prizes.