Collecting Twice is Nice, Says Southern Maryland Keno Winner

Claims second $25,040 prize on November ticket

Keno and strategy go together like St. Mary’s County watering hole Chief’s Bar goes with a Southern Maryland stuffed ham dish – at least according to one Drayden resident. He wound up with two $25,040 winning Keno tickets one afternoon by playing the same lucky birthday numbers on the same game while at Chief’s.

He recalls that it was around lunchtime in November, the perfect time to enjoy the specialty dish – a hearty helping of ham stuffed with kale, cabbage and spices. The retired construction contractor played two tickets with his lucky numbers, hoping to win a prize that was both substantial and below the limit of what can be cashed immediately at a Lottery retailer. Lady Luck had bigger plans for the 65-year-old, whose winnings piled up, thanks to a Super Bonus multiplier. Each number of his 7-spot wager appeared.

“Having a seventh number appear really is the difference between a small prize and something really nice,” said the St. Mary’s County resident. “When that 7th number appeared, it was a real thrill.”

The lucky winner claimed the first half of his windfall in November, citing tax purposes as his reason for claiming the second half in January. He had no immediate plans for his prize. You might find your own lucky Keno game if you stop by Chiefs Bar located at 44584 Tall Timbers Road in Tall Timbers.