College Bills Due? No Worries for This Scratch-off Winning Student

5x Cash Club game delivers a $50,000 solution to tuition dilemma

145-5X-Cash-Club-ITVMA Washington, D.C. university student who regularly meets his college friends at a local market after class just picked up something even better than tips for passing his Economics final. The lucky man picked up the fifth and final $50,000 winning scratch-off on the Maryland Lottery’s 5X Cash Club game!

The 22-year-old is an occasional Lottery player, unlike his brother who plays every day and accompanied our winner to claim his prize. The future architect found his Lottery luck at the 29 Convenience Mart at 10755 Colesville Road in Silver Spring, where he hangs out with classmates. On the day he found his fortune, he was the first of the group to arrive.

“I was in line to pay for a soda when I saw the Lottery display,” said the Washington, D.C. resident. “I just decided right then to get a ticket and chose one with my favorite color, blue.” He scratched his $5 5X Cash Club ticket but didn’t immediately recognize that he’d won. A friend clued him in a few minutes later.

“I could not believe what he was saying to me,” the happy winner said. “I have been so worried about paying for school, about having to accept so much help from my family. And now, this has happened. I know it was someone upstairs smiling down at me.”

For selling the top-prize scratch-off, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.