College Student Claims 1st Champions Instant Top Prize

Westminster woman wins $25,000 on new scratch-off game

ChampionsA 28-year-old student can thank her mom for a $25,000 recent win on the new Champions scratch-off game. The Westminster woman was running an errand on Friday when she decided to pick up a couple of scratch-offs for the two of them.

“I was rushing home to pack for Atlantic City and forgot the tickets at my mom’s house,” said the lucky winner. While she was gone, the winner’s mom scratched both tickets to reveal the $25,000 win on the first ticket. “I always let my daughter have the top ticket and I take the bottom,” said the mom, smiling. “The win was all hers.”

The winner’s mother is known to play practical jokes. When she called her daughter to report the win, the fortunate player did not believe her. “I told her she was full of it,” laughed the winner. In fact, when she came home from Atlantic City on Sunday, she didn’t even check to see if the ticket really was a winner. Instead, she unpacked, went to bed and went to work Monday morning.

“My mom actually came to my job to show me the winning ticket,” said the player. However, it took a trip to Lottery Headquarters in Baltimore to make the winner a believer.

The student at Stevenson University said she is going to share the winnings with her mother, use some for school and save the rest. She bought the winning ticket at the High’s store located at 27 Railroad Ave. in Westminster.

In addition to cash prizes, the Champions cratch-off offers players the chance to instantly win “Ravens Bling” which includes a championship-style necklace and ring. Players can also win 2014 Ravens season tickets in the second-chance portion of the game. Five more $25,000 instant top prize-winning tickets are waiting in the stores for buyers. For information, visit