Come on Down: Forestville Resident Wins With Price is Right Scratch-off

Retiree elated after winning $50,000 prize

262-The-Price-Is-Right-ITVMA retired Forestville resident got the surprise of a lifetime this past weekend when the $5 she spent on a Price is Right scratch-off ticket won her a $50,000 prize.

She purchased the ticket on Saturday at Great Plaza Liquors, located at 6439 Marlboro Pike in District Heights, and scratched it before leaving the store. After she saw that one of her numbers matched one of the winning numbers, she looked at the corresponding prize.

“I saw the 5 and the zero and I thought it’s going to be $50, but then I kept going and there were three more zeros,” she said. “I just said to myself, ‘I don’t believe it.’ I showed it to the guy who works there and said, ‘Am I looking at this right?’”

She and the store’s cashier both received the same message when they scanned the ticket: Cash at Lottery.

The Prince George’s County resident had a previous brush with Lottery luck – or so she thought. Not long ago, she thought that she had won a big prize on another Price is Right ticket, but upon a closer inspection, she realized that she hadn’t. This time, she had all the confirmation she needed. She called her son to tell him the good news, and he was a bit skeptical after her previous experience.

“He said, ‘Are you sure?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I’m sure this time,” she said with a smile.

The loyal scratch-off player said she plans to use some of her prize money to buy a new car, but will put the rest into savings. The retailer is a winner as well. Great Plaza Liquors will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery for selling the top-prize-winning ticket.

The Price is Right game launched in April, and four of its $50,000 top prizes are still waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state. There are also eight more $5,000 prizes and thousands of additional cash prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000. If your Price is Right ticket is not a winner, make sure you enter it into the Lottery’s Price is Right second-chance contest for a chance to win one of five $50,000 cash prizes.