Consistent Play Pays Off for Queenstown Scratch-off Fan

Man finds top-prize $77,777 Maryland 7s scratch-off

A Queen Anne’s County man who winds down by playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs discovered last weekend that consistency pays off. His consistent choice of the Maryland 7s game gave the lucky fan a $77,777 top-prize win!

The loyal player, who purchased four Maryland 7s instant tickets at East End Liquors in Easton, found his fortune hiding on the last scratch-off. Although he loves playing the 2019 Home Run Riches game, the 51-year-old said something told him that day to keep playing the Maryland 7s scratch-of. With this sister by his side, the Queenstown resident purchased the instant tickets and began scratching them outside the retail store.

On the last scratch-off, he noticed a “7” in an oval with the word “win” beneath it. The question was, what did he win? With a rush of excitement, the player scratched the area just beneath the word “win” and saw the $77,777 prize! In total disbelief, the fan asked his sister to go back in the store and check the ticket. He thought his big win wasn’t real. When his sister returned, she had fantastic news! The lucky man had found the final top prize in the Maryland 7s game.

The winner told Lottery officials he plans to save the money for future endeavors. Also a winner is the lucky retailer who sold the ticket. East End Liquors located at 2 East Avenue in Easton earns a $777.77 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off of $20,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize. Congrats to both winners!