Construction Supervisor Builds Up to Big Scratch-off Win

This Fort Washington construction supervisor enjoyed the build up to his $10,000 win.

Claims $10,000 prize on Magic Number Bingo game

You won’t ever find Alejandro Rodriguez Estrada of Fort Washington rushing to complete a task at the job site or hurrying to scratch off instant tickets in his living room. The construction supervisor and avid Maryland Lottery fan believes that taking his time pays off, whether it’s at work to prevent mistakes or playing instant tickets to extend his fun.

Taking his time gave lucky Alejandro hours of fun leading up to his $10,000 win on a Magic Number Bingo scratch-off!

“I get these tickets just about whenever I’m in a store that sells them,” the father of seven told Lottery officials on Friday when he claimed his prize. “I always look for bingo or crossword games – they’re my favorites.”

A stop at 7-Eleven #36471 located at 2000 University Boulevard in Hyattsville brought Alejandro face to face with the Magic Number Bingo scratch-off. “I noticed it right away and bought it.”

Once home, the Prince George’s County resident began the slow, deliberate process of playing his bingo game. He’s employed that routine for years. “I scratched the game boards to see my numbers first and then stopped. I didn’t touch the caller’s number section.”

Alejandro said he usually stops playing his scratch-off game and does work around the house or runs an errand before finishing his big reveal. “The grass was getting a bit long so I got the mower out,” he said. “It was probably an hour before I got back to the ticket.”

Finishing off his game revealed what looked like a $10,000 win. “My wife asked what I was so excited about so I showed it to her,” said the happy husband. “She got excited, too.”

A return trip to 7-Eleven for confirmation removed any doubt. “My family keeps telling me to get a few more bingo tickets, just in case the luck is still hanging around.”

The Estrada family plans to put the Magic Number Bingo winnings in the bank. The $5 ticket debuted last September and still has three $50,000 top-prize tickets in stores and seven that carry a $10,000 prize.