Cook Saving $10,000 Scratch-off Prize for Kids’ College Educations

Claims top prize on 10x Cash instant ticket

A cook from Catonsville enjoyed an extremely profitable break from his job a couple of weeks ago when his 10x Cash instant ticket revealed a $10,000 prize.

The lucky 45-year-old was on his break when he purchased the instant ticket at 40 West Shell located at 700 North Rolling Road in Catonsville. The father of three immediately scratched it and scanned it at the ticket checker, and was surprised and happy when the retailer told him the prize was too large to cash in the store.

When the winner returned to the restaurant where he works, he happily showed the lucky scratch-off to his co-workers. The Baltimore County resident said he plans to save his winnings to help finance college tuition for his children.

There are still 49 $10,000 top prizes remaining in this popular game, along with thousands of prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.