Cook Spices up Her Life with $25,000 Scratch-off Win

Plays Maryland Lottery’s Ravens Champions instant ticket

ChampionsWinning $5 or $10 playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs was about as exciting as it got for this loyal player until the Baltimore woman picked up yet another Ravens Champions instant ticket.

Her parents and younger sister all root for the Ravens, so our Baltimore native has made it a habit to play the $2 scratch-off, which comes with a second-chance contest. The fast food cook spiced up both her life and her bank account when she uncovered her $25,000 win.

“When I first saw it, I said, ‘somebody look at it. That can’t be true,’ ” the woman recalled. She was at home with her mom and sister in the living room. They verified the win and everyone started screaming, cheering, crying and jumping up and down at the same time, she said. Her dad was at work and missed the celebration so he accompanied the 30-year-old to Lottery headquarters to help her claim her jackpot prize.

Until they arrived, the woman hid the ticket in a drawer in her bedroom.

“I woke up one morning and had to check it again because I thought I was dreaming,” she said.

The lucky woman plans to pay off her bills, help her family and then go shopping for clothes and shoes, which she needs badly, she said.

Two top-tier tickets remain in the stores waiting for a lucky player to find them. Our cook bought her winning ticket at Cheema Brothers BP at 17 Carroll Island Road in Baltimore.