County Employee Claims Second Big Lottery Win 18 Years Later

Captures $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize

More than 18 years ago, a Baltimore County resident enjoyed the good fortune of winning $100,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. He continued to play his favorite Lottery games in hopes of winning another top prize. His luck returned on Nov. 30, when his Bonus Match 5 ticket made him a $50,000 top-prize winner!

The 42-year-old county government employee said he learned of his win while watching his DVR recording of that evening’s drawing. “I knew I had the first two of the numbers,” he said. A quick check of his ticket confirmed that he had matched all five numbers. “I have been playing those numbers for 15 years,” the man confided.

For now, he plans to keep his win quiet. “I’ve told a few family members and a few people at work, but not many.”

The lucky winner plans to continue playing his favorite games, which include Pick 3, Pick 4 and Multi-Match. He has no plans yet for his winnings. “I just finished a remodeling project, so that’s already taken care of,” he said.

Our winner found his Lottery luck while filling up his gas tank at the Goucher Exxon located at 800 Goucher Blvd. in Towson.