Couple Going Cruising in 2012

White Family - Cruise for Cash

Anthony and Betty White collect their cruise vacation package.

Anthony White and his wife, Betty, have never been on a cruise, let alone a vacation, since their honeymoon nearly 23 years ago. Soon they will break that dry streak and take their inaugural voyage as the latest cruise winners on the Cruise for Cash scratch-off. The happy couple intends to set sail on their seven-night cruise vacation for two in January of 2012 to celebrate Betty’s birthday.

Anthony purchased the ticket on May 3rd of this year, but work obligations delayed their trip to Lottery Headquarters. “We couldn’t find the time to take off work,” said the father-of-three.  Betty hid the ticket in a DVD movie case until they were ready to come to Lottery Headquarters to claim their prize.

An avid Lottery fan, Anthony plays everyday at a local Royals Farms store on Joppa Road. On the day he purchased his winning Cruise for Cash ticket, the 50-year-old  said he had a “strange vibe.” Upon scratching it and realizing that he’d won a cruise he was “shocked. I called my wife and she didn’t believe me at first.”  Once convinced, they began planning their long-overdue vacation. The winning ticket was purchased at Royal Farms #052, located at 2410 E. Joppa Rd. in Baltimore.