Crisfield Waterman Hauls in $10,000 Scratch-off Prize

$10,000 Monopoly_Gerald_web

Crisfield waterman Robert Gerald celebrates his $10,000 Monopoly win!

Finds lucky Monopoly instant ticket at local retailer

Driving home with his dad after a day on the water, Crisfield waterman Robert Gerald stopped by a local market on an errand and landed his best catch of the year – a $10,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off prize!

His win on the $20 Monopoly  scratch-off came as a wonderful surprise.

“I love scratch-off tickets but end up playing mostly in the summer when I have extra cash in my pocket,” Robert said. “I only bought this ticket because I had to run into the Oceanic market for some milk.”

A fan of $20 instant tickets, Robert spotted a game he’d not seen before. The 24-year-old brought his Monopoly scratch-off out to the parking lot and scratched it off there.

“When I saw the 20x symbol I knew that I’d won something, but when I saw the rest of it, the 20x $500, I was amazed,” he said. After a few moments spent staring at the ticket and his dad in disbelief, Robert ran back into the store located at 55 Richardson Avenue to confirm his win.

“When I got back to the truck and told my dad the $10,000 was real, all I could think about was how cool it was to win this right before winter.”

Robert reports that since word of his good fortune spread around town, Crisfield Oceanic has seen an uptick in Lottery business. The Monopoly instant ticket debuted in February and so far has shared two of its three $1 million prizes with players. Still unclaimed are two $50,000 winning tickets and four more $10,000 tickets, along with thousands of prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000.