Crofton Man’s Horses Gallop Across Racetrax Finish Line for $46,104 Prize

Crofton’s “#1 Jockey” happily trotted into the Winner’s Circle after claiming his $46,104 Racetrax prize.

Wins big with special combination of numbers

A self-described Racetrax fan trotted into the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle last week to the cheers of Lottery employees. The virtual horseracing aficionado had won a stupendous Superfecta, turning a $20 wager into a $46,104 prize.

The 41-year-old Anne Arundel County resident, going by the nickname “#1 Jockey,” explained how his system of handicapping and probability came together for a big payoff in late July. The lucky winner said he plays Racetrax often, using a special combination of horses he selects to maximize both his chances of winning and the chance of winning a larger prize.

“If I’m going to win, I want a prize that will pique my interest,” said “#1 Jockey.”

He purchased a $20 Racetrax Superfecta ticket at 7-Eleven #38378 in Gambrills, wagering a $1 bet on his special combination of horses for 20 consecutive races. He checked the ticket later that night, grabbing the small bit of paper and scanning the ticket’s prize check symbol using the Lottery’s smartphone app to see the result of his wager.

Nineteen of his races failed to produce a winner, with horses from his special combination appearing singularly or in pairs, but never with the four horses necessary to win. On his final race, all four of his horses finished in the perfect order of 1, 9, 11 and 12 to win the $46,104 purse. The odds of the win were just one in 69,227.

“#1 Jockey” has won before using a special combination, but this prize is his largest. According to the winner, he always knew he would wind up in the Lottery Winner’s Circle to claim a large prize.

“I’ve seen the winners on the little Lottery screens all across town and knew that one day that would be me,” he said.

The lucky player said he and his wife are celebrating their wedding anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. Although he plans to save most of his winnings, he told Lottery officials that a small portion of the prize would help him make their upcoming trip even more special.

“#1 Jockey” bought his winning ticket at 7-Eleven #38378 located at 893 Maryland Route 3 North in Gambrills. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the lucky Anne Arundel County store earns a retailer bonus of $461.04. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.