Cruise for Cash Win Just What the Doctor Ordered for Registered Nurse

A reserved 42-year-old man arrived at Maryland Lottery Headquarters yesterday, accompanied by his 23-year-old son, to claim his seven-night cruise vacation for two. The recent win from the Cruise for Cash scratch-off hadn’t quite sunk in yet. As he related his story to Lottery officials, his calm demeanor turned to smiles and laughter.

A big fan of scratch-off games, the Washington, D.C. resident said, “It’s a family thing. My son, cousin, and I all buy scratch-offs every month when we have a few extra dollars. Then the three of us get together, and we scratch them.”

Although he admits he’s always been in search of “big money” the cruise win came as a terrific surprise. “Don’t get me wrong, the cruise is very nice,” he said with a chuckle.

The excited winner has not yet decided who will set sail with him.

The winning ticket was purchased at Sunoco, located at 750 East 25th St. in Baltimore.