Cumberland Man Celebrates Christmas with $100K Win

Wayne Gray - Winner Wishes

Wayne Gray from Cumberland took home a Winner Wishes $100K top prize.

Wins Winner Wishes Top Prize

Wayne Gray has always enjoyed playing scratch-offs.  In fact, this past summer, he was selected as a Maryland Lottery Double Play second-chance contest winner and received $100 worth of instant tickets.  The next time he spoke with a Lottery official, it was for a much larger win, to the tune of $100.000.

“Two days before Christmas, I was on my way to the store to buy some scratch-offs,” said the 49-year-old.  “I drove past D&D Pit N Go and, on a whim, decided to stop there instead of where I was headed.” Wayne purchased two Winner Wishes scratch-offs.  Once back in his car, he started scratching the tickets.  He realized the first ticket was not a winner, and started scratching the second ticket.  “I saw that the 17’s matched, and then I saw the $100,000 prize under it, and couldn’t believe my eyes.”

            Wayne, who has been employed as a maintenance worker at Hunter Douglas for 20 years, has no big plans for his winnings.  “I wanted to buy an old truck and I still want to buy an old truck.” Wayne and his wife-of-25-years, Teresa, are throwing around the possibility of a vacation, but plan on saving most of the money.

The winning ticket was purchased at D&D Pit N Go, located on McMullen Hwy. in Cumberland. Being an experienced scratch-off player, Wayne frequently checks to see which tickets still have big prizes available.  Winner Wishes, which is 75% sold, still has two $100,000 top-prizes remaining.