Cupid Delivers Fourth Largest Racetrax Win to Valentine’s Day Player

Owings Mills woman claims $125,244 prize

A Baltimore County woman can thank Cupid and Lady Luck for her $125,244 Valentine’s Day Racetrax win, which was the fourth largest in the Maryland Lottery’s history of the game.

This is also the second big Racetrax win for the nurse, who claimed a $41,715 prize in November 2017.

The Owings Mills winner was out and about a little earlier than normal on Valentine’s Day when she decided to stop and get gas at Tollgate Exxon in Owings Mills. The 71-year-old had not planned to play Racetrax, even though it is her favorite Lottery game. However, she changed her mind after seeing her birth date had appeared in results from previous games.

She placed a Trifecta bet, playing 11, 12 and 10 in that order, and did so on a 20-draw ticket with the Bonus multiplier feature added. The Baltimore County woman didn’t stick around to watch the computer-animated game but continued running errands. Later, she checked the winning numbers and the games she played using the Lottery’s mobile app. It didn’t take long to discover her big win! The second game on her ticket carried the winning numbers of 11, 12 and 10. The loyal player remembers being in shock.

“I just couldn’t believe it, because I just won in November,” she said, smiling. “I called my son so he could come confirm what I saw.”

The Racetrax fan plans to pay off her car loan with the winnings, share some of the prize with her six adult children and take a trip to Hawaii. Whatever funds remain will go toward her retirement.

The retailer is a lucky winner, too. Tollgate Exxon located at 10540 Reisterstown Road earns a $1,252 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.