D.C. Family’s College Fund Gets Boost from Scratch-off Win

Cashier claims $50,000 Hot 5s Hot Streak prize

He buys Maryland Lottery scratch-offs twice a week, every week, a Washington, D.C. resident told Lottery officials — except for last week.  For reasons he can’t explain, the 33-year-old bought instant tickets three times.

The third time was the charm for the husband and father. That third instant ticket, a Hot 5s Hot Streak scratch-off, turned into a $50,000 windfall.

“I don’t know why I went into that grocery store. I don’t know why I picked this ticket. I just don’t know,” explained the still-stunned clothing store cashier. “When I saw all the ‘5s’ on the ticket, I was amazed.”  Each “5” revealed in the Hot 5s Hot Streak game wins the player the corresponding cash amount. Each of our lucky winner’s “5s” came with a $5,000 prize and the “HOT” symbol gave him another $5,000 score.

“‘This can’t be real,’ I said to myself.”  It took a good friend – a veteran Lottery player – to convince him the $50,000 win was real. “He looked at it closely for a few minutes and then smiled. That’s when I knew.”

The loyal player will pay off two family bills with his prize and dedicate the rest to his children’s education fund. “My wife and I have talked for many months now about putting more money into the account than we have been able to in the past, but it’s been tough.” What a change one scratch-off can bring to family finances!

The good folks at Giant #336 at 2900 University Boulevard West in Wheaton can also celebrate this $50,000 top-prize win.  The corporate retailer will receive a $500 bonus for selling the lucky scratch-off. Hot 5s Hot Streak joined the Lottery’s assortment of instant tickets in July. Three top prizes are unclaimed, along with six $5,000 prizes.