D.C. Metro Worker Wins $1 Million on Lottery Scratch-off

Laurel Lakes Liquors - Lucky Millionaire_webSabhash Khatri, store manager of Laurel Lakes Liquors in Laurel, accompanied his happy customer to Lottery headquarters as the man claimed a $1 million win on a Lucky Millionaire scratch-off. This is the largest winning ticket sold by his store.

Laurel man claims first of three top-prizes on Lucky Millionaire instant ticket

Father’s Day weekend is a great time to eat pizza with the family, fly a kite in the park, remember your blessings and win $1 million on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off! A 49-year-old Laurel man did just that on his memorable weekend.

Good fortune followed the Washington, D.C. metro worker on Saturday, June 14, to Laurel Lakes Liquors at 14132 Baltimore Ave. in Laurel. The happy dad discovered his lucky numbers on a $20 Lucky Millionaire scratch-off. After checking the ticket three times, he handed it over to Sabhash Khatri, the store manager who has known the winner for over 15 years.

“His hands were shaking and I congratulated him on the win, which was the biggest in our store’s history,” said Sabhash. He accompanied the winner to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the first of the ticket’s three $1 million top prizes.

The new millionaire kept the win a secret from his family, saying that he is planning to reveal the news at a big family dinner with his in-laws. “They were always good to me and supported me when I was down and out, so I’d like to share this joy with them,” the winner said.

Keeping the secret hasn’t been easy, the winner confessed. Also difficult was waiting all weekend to claim his prize. Although he locked the ticket away, the nervous dad said he couldn’t sleep for two days.

“I told my wife I just had a headache,” said the winner. He also tried to enjoy Father’s Day as normally as possible despite the exciting secret he was waiting to share.

He plans to use his winnings to purchase a house and to send his daughter to private school.