D.C. Woman’s Errand List Leads to $30,000 Scratch-off Win

Early morning errands turned into a Fire & Ice Multiplier scratch-off win

Fire & Ice MultiplierA Washington D.C. woman who started her day with a slew of errands to run is glad she added one more task – buying $20 worth of scratch-off tickets. As she began scratching them off in the car, she noticed that her very last ticket, the shiny Fire & Ice Multiplier scratch-off, was a big $30,000 top-prize winner.

The woman immediately pulled out her cell phone to call her husband and let him know about the win. “It was still pretty early in the morning and I figured he would still be in bed,” the lucky winner told Lottery officials. “The first thing I asked him was if he was lying down.”

Her husband, however, wasn’t too surprised about the big news. “We had actually won $250,000 a couple of years ago on a scratch-off, so it wasn’t too hard to believe,” he said.

After the phone call, the woman placed the ticket in her purse and added a trip up to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to the end of her errand list. “I still had to go to the car dealership to get a new battery for my car’s key remote and make a few returns to Old Navy,” she explained.

The happy duo plan to spend the winnings repainting their porch and expanding the deck on the back of their home.

She bought the lucky ticket at the Safeway #1213 located at 1902 Veirs Mill Road in Rockville. Four $30,000 top prizes remain on the Fire & Ice Multiplier ticket.