Dad’s Birth Date Leads to $72,328 Racetrax Prize

Superfecta Bonus bet leads to super lucky big win

A Howard County man walked into a Food Mart Citgo in Waldorf and glanced at the Racetrax monitor, as he is prone to do, before placing his bet. He was surprised to see his father’s birth date appear a few times.

“I usually play my mom’s birthday,” said the player, who dubbed himself “Big Win Bora” for the story of his $72,328 win. “I have played her birthday in the past. This is the first time I played my father’s birthday and I can’t believe I won!”

By changing up his routine that August day, the once-a-week Racetrax and Keno player changed his luck. That wasn’t his only surprise, however. When he bought his ticket, the 31-year-old farmers market enthusiast noticed the Bonus feature was added to his Superfecta wager that the 7, 11, 5 and 1 horses would cross the finish in that order.

The Bonus feature multiplies any prize up to 10 times. A wheel spins on the monitor before each race to select the Bonus multiplier for that race and his Bonus multiplier quadrupled his prize.

“I can’t remember if I even asked for a Bonus attached to my bet, but it was a welcome addition,” exclaimed “Big Win Bora.” “I thought I won around $7,000. After showing my brother my ticket, his eyes widened because he saw how much I really won.”

Because his father’s birth date won, the Elkridge man plans to share some of his prize with his father. He added that his brother will get a piece of the windfall, too, for helping him read the ticket. “Big Win Bora” also plans to return to the Charles County Citgo where he purchased the ticket to give the cashier a gift for the lucky Bonus addition to the ticket.

“Never in my dreams would I have thought I would be this big a winner. Now, I have money for a down payment on a home,” said “Big Win Bora.”

The lucky retailer also can celebrate. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket over $10,000, Food Mart Citgo at 11901 Business Park Drive in Waldorf will receive a retailer bonus of $723.28 from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.