Damascus Man Continues Winning Ways with Million Dollar Mega Prize [VIDEO]


Turns $250,000 Second-tier Mega Millions Prize into $1 Million with Megaplier

Joe Vaeth, Jr. is no stranger to Lottery wins. The 55-year-old has won $50,000 three years in a row playing Pick 4. He’s picked up many additional Lottery prizes along the way and told Lottery officials that friends often want to rub his head and shoulders for good luck.  Sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with a Corvette emblem, Joe also recounted the ’65 Corvette that he won in a raffle 15 years ago. And, in an ironic twist, the feisty winner mentioned that he lives off of Sweepstakes Road.

Today, the lucky player claimed his largest win to date, a $1 million Mega Millions prize. Joe, who is the owner of Global Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, stops each morning at the gas station down the street from his home to pick up his Lottery tickets. Tuesday was no exception as the father-of-two bought his games, which included a Mega Millions Quick Pick play. The next day, as is his custom, Joe stopped to make his Lottery purchases and check the prior day’s tickets. When the scanner showed “See Lottery Agent” he asked the clerk for a printout of the Mega Millions numbers. Upon realizing that he was a millionaire, Joe quickly drove home to share the news with his wife. Roused from sleep, her initial reaction was disbelief, but considering her husband’s track record it didn’t take long before she was convinced.

Joe insists that his luck is, in large part, due to positive thinking. In fact, he’s certain that he’s going to win and remarked on his future good fortune. “I’m going to be back for the big one,” said Joe. “This is just a teaser. Mark my words, I’ll be back within a year.”

Joe plans to invest most of his recent winnings. He will also pay off his home and bills. On a more celebratory note, he intends to take a trip to Italy with his family. The winning ticket was purchased at Damascus Liberty, located at 26241 Ridge Rd. in Damascus.