Dance Mom’s Racetrax Trifecta Win Turns into $23,040

Cindy Felter - Racetrax

Dance mom Cindy Felter showing off her winning dance moves!


Favorite Maryland Lottery game pays off

Cindy Felter’s young daughter is always in the dance studio. Last week, she dropped her daughter off at dance class and decided to pass the time at a nearby store playing Racetrax, one of her favorite Maryland Lottery games. It wasn’t until the very last race on her ticket that Cindy hit the Trifecta for $23,040!

The devoted dance mom said her interest in Racetrax goes back to her childhood when her father would take her to the racetrack. She knew exactly what was happening when her selected Racetrax horses placed first, second and third.

The Baltimore woman told Lottery officials that she froze while scanning the ticket after the race. “I just kept saying, ‘Nah, not really. Nah, not really.’ ”

The scanner showed that she had won $4,608. To make the win sweeter, it was multiplied by five because she had made a $5 bet. The trifecta turned into a $23,040 win!

After celebrating in the store, Cindy picked up her daughter from class and shared the good news. For now, she is mulling over what to do with her winnings and might put the money toward a new truck.

Cindy purchased her winning ticket at North Point Liquors and Bar located at 1108 North Point Road in Baltimore.