Date Night Leads to $1 Million Lottery Win

Couple Claim Maryland’s First 2014 Mega Millions Second-Tier Prize

Date night paid off to the tune of $1 million for a Pasadena couple, who found their Mega Millions luck while enjoying dinner out at an Anne Arundel County establishment. The two happily claimed Maryland’s first Mega Millions second-tier prize of the year.

The husband and wife, who go out to dinner several times a month, picked up a few scratch-offs and a Mega Millions ticket for the Jan. 7 drawing before turning in for the evening. Little did they know these Anne Arundel County residents would wake up as millionaires.

The wife, remembering the purchase when she woke up, took the ticket out of her spouse’s wallet to check for winners while he showered. They bought five plays for the drawing and let the machine quick-pick the numbers. The woman went online to the Maryland Lottery website, pulled up the winning numbers for the Mega Millions drawing and began to circle numbers on their ticket. She soon realized that the first line of their ticket matched five out of the six winning Mega Millions numbers.

“I was in the shower and I hear her come in crying and see her shaking,” said her husband, who works in the technology field. “I assumed something bad had happened. She just said, ‘I think we won $1 million.’ ”

The couple put the ticket into a lockbox for safekeeping while deciding what to do with their winnings. “This came at a great time for us,” the lucky woman said. “Everything fell into place at the right time.”

The winners, who will put most of the prize toward their retirement, plan to keep news of their prize extremely private. “We haven’t told anyone, not even our kids,” said the 50-year-old husband. “Once we figure everything out we’ll probably tell a few people, but not many.”

They bought their lucky Mega Millions ticket at Magothy Inn located at 546 Center Street in Pasadena.