Date Night Lottery Win Sends Grandmother to the Winner’s Circle

A “Date Night” to remember gave Laura Cahall and her husband a $10,000 prize on the 10x Cash scratch-off.

Claims $10,000 top-prize win on 10X Cash scratch-off

A Salisbury couple’s special way of playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs just gave them a $10,000 top-prize win, providing plenty of cash for a family vacation and future date night fun and games.

The husband purchases the games, brings them home and splits them with his wife, Laura Cahall. They then scratch the games off together at the kitchen table. “Whenever we have a winning ticket, we call it ‘Date Night,’ ” said Laura, explaining that they take the scratch-off prize and celebrate on a date. This Eastern Shore woman’s $10,000 win on a 10x Cash scratch-off, however, will go to far more than dinner for two!

The lucky winning scratch-off found its way to them when Laura’s husband went to Eagle Express Mart located at 1312 North Salisbury Boulevard in Salisbury. He bought only one 10x Cash scratch-off that day and, sadly, the $10 instant ticket was not a big winner. A few days later, the husband returned and purchased two more 10x Cash games and a $5 instant ticket.

“What was weird was that the 10x Cash tickets were the very next tickets on the roll from the last one he purchased,” said Laura. “No one bought the game since my husband bought it the first time.”

Laura’s husband split the games with her and they sat at the kitchen table to scratch them. They like to scratch the numbers first to see if they match and then reveal the prize amount. Laura’s lucky ticket matched on each line.

“I was thinking ‘OMG’ when I saw the first $1,000,” said the lucky woman. “I showed my husband and he knew right away that it must be a $10,000 win.” To prove he was right, Laura’s husband scratched the rest of the ticket and revealed a $1,000 win on each line, making the scratch-off a $10,000 winner!

The happy couple knew they had to come to Baltimore to claim the prize so they kept the lucky ticket in a car owner manual. Laura said they moved the manual from spot to spot and kept it under constant surveillance until she was able to claim the big prize and celebrate in the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle.

The former geriatric nursing assistant has three grown children, two grandchildren and one on the way. She would like to spend some of the prize on a trip to Walt Disney World for the entire family and give some of the winnings to her daughter to help with her upcoming wedding. And, of course, there will be plenty of date nights to enjoy!