Daughter Shows Mother How to Win Big in Racetrax

Winner - Diena Mai

Racetrax regulars, mom Huong Mai (left) and winning daughter Diena Mai celebrate after Diena’s pick hit for $12,818.80 at Pimlico Check Cashing in Randallstown.

Huong Mai taught her daughter, Diena Mai, to play Racetrax, but on Oct. 16, Diena showed her mother how it’s done when she won $12,818.80 on a 10-cent bet.

The two women from Windsor Mill are Racetrax regulars, Huong said. “We play together every week.” It’s mainly a social thing, and they play at a variety of locations.

“It’s just for fun,” the mom said, adding, “I play the most.”

Having the most experience playing Racetrax isn’t what brought home the Superfecta Box prize.  Diena, 19, got the winning combination of horses to play from her mom, who, in turn, got the combination 6, 8, 9 and 12 from a friend.

“He hit before,” Huong said.

Diena played the lucky numbers as a Superfecta Box bet at Pimlico Check Cashing in Randallstown to score the win. While Huong has picked up Racetrax prizes ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, she has never hit as big as her daughter did with her wager.

The windfall is not so much that the mother and daughter have any elaborate plans, they said. Mainly, they’ll pay bills with the prize and deal with household expenses. A celebration, however, is in order.

“We do have to celebrate this!” Diena said, adding that she anticipates buying a new bed, doing a little shopping and enjoying a celebratory seafood dinner.

The Mai household isn’t the only place with reason to celebrate. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, Pimlico Check Cashing located at 3538 Brenbrook Drive earns a bonus of $128.18. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.