Day Off, Pays Off for Caroline County Woman

Lisa Kibler - Instant Cashout

Lisa Kibler with her boyfriend, John, is instantly richer thanks
to the Instant Cashout scratch-off.

Wins $250,000 Top Prize on Instant Cashout Scratch-off

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That philosophy paid off for Marydel resident, Lisa Kibler, to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars last Wednesday. Although it was her day off, Lisa made a stop at the Walker Store, her place of employment, to buy some Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.  Lisa chose two different tickets, one of which was the new Instant Cashout.  Scratching them to reveal no win, the 23-year-old bought two more with the same result. She went back yet again — still no luck.  “I thought the next ones have to be winners,” said Lisa, who made her final purchase.

The mother-of-one proceeded home where she scratched the first of her last two tickets to reveal a $15 prize.  Lisa then scratched the Instant Cashout to discover that she was $250,000 richer.  “I screamed,” said Lisa. “Then my 19-month-old son, Jayden, started screaming too. He’s at the age he mimics everything.”

Hearing all the commotion, Lisa’s boyfriend asked what all the excitement was about and soon joined in the celebration.  “There was jumping and screaming all over the house,” said the delighted winner.

With a checklist of things she would like to do, Lisa said that it will be much easier now to accomplish them. Among the list items are: buying a car and some property and investing in a business. “I’m not sure what business at this point,” said Lisa. “But I’d like to be an entrepreneur.”  New clothes, jewelry and a college fund for Jaden are also on the list. The winning ticket was purchased at Walker’s Store, 18230 Henderson Road in Marydel.