Dead Phone Battery Delays Notice on $20,008 Keno Win

Catonsville contractor discovers his largest Lottery prize using Keno app

A self-employed contractor from Catonsville won the biggest Maryland Lottery prize of his life last week and not even a technology glitch could stop the determined man from discovering his $20,008 win.

On the evening of Dec. 11, the 41-year-old purchased an 8-Spot Keno ticket from Morgan’s BP in Baltimore. He selected his numbers and wagered $1 a game for 20 games. After buying his ticket, the married father of two headed home and watched the drawings late that night on his phone, using the Maryland Lottery’s Keno app. However, his phone died just when the drawing for the 20th and final game on his ticket was almost over!

“I knew I had six numbers, and I ran real quick and got my iPad,” he said. “And then, I had to go watch that game from the beginning. It was late at night by the time I watched and I had to look at my ticket to make sure I was watching a game that was on my ticket.”

Two of the last three numbers drawn in that final game on his ticket were 43 and 47, giving him the final two numbers needed to match all eight of the numbers he played. The prize for matching all eight numbers on an 8-Spot ticket is $10,000. Our lucky winner’s ticket carried a Doubler message, meaning his prize for that game jumped to $20,000. He also won $8 on the other 19 games he played.

Doubler and Tripler messages will appear randomly on Keno tickets sold now through Jan. 3, giving players the opportunity to multiply prizes won on tickets with those messages.

The lucky winner said the prize money comes at a good time and will be helpful during the holiday season. He said he enjoys playing Keno because it reminds him of Roulette, which is his favorite casino game. Before this win, his largest Keno prize was $600 won several years ago.

For selling the winning ticket, Morgan’s BP located at 607 Frederick Road will receive a bonus of $200.08 – equal to 1 percent of the lucky winner’s Keno prize.