Decision to Buy ‘Mistake’ Scratch-off Leads to $30,000 Lottery Win

James Bradford - Bonus Crossword_webJames Bradford of Mechanicsville and his fiancé Venie Nicely enjoyed a $30,000 top-prize win on the Bonus Crossword scratch-off.

Mechanicsville player claims top prize on Bonus Crossword game

A Mechanicsville man was downright ecstatic to discover that a Bonus Crossword scratch-off he bought even though it was No. 68, not No. 67, was in reality the perfect ticket for him. That $3 scratch-off delivered the game’s $30,000 top prize!

The lucky “mistake” occurred when loyal Lottery player James Bradford went to Waldorf Liquors in Waldorf to buy his scratch-offs for the week. A traveling sales rep for a fencing company, James is superstitious about Lottery luck. He always asks for tickets from the middle of the ticket book, for example.

On the day Lottery luck came to call, James was hunting for a Bonus Crossword scratch-off. He had consulted and noted there were still six unclaimed top prizes on the ticket. He asked the store cashier to give him ticket No. 67 and, instead, was presented with ticket No. 68 by mistake. The St. Mary’s County resident decided to buy the ticket anyway and headed home.

As he scratched his tickets at the kitchen table, James saw immediately that he’d won what he thought was several hundred dollars. The 46-year-old called his fiancé Venie Nicely into the room, saying, “This is a big one!” When Venie checked the ticket, she saw that he’d won the game’s top prize of $30,000. They rechecked the ticket four times before being convinced of the win. The couple described their mood as “jittery” all week!

The scratch-off fan plans to take a family vacation and share the remainder of his winnings with his family. Also a winner is Waldorf Liquors located at 2276 Crain Highway in Waldorf. The store receives a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

The popular Bonus Crossword scratch-off launched in May 2014 still has $30,000 top prizes available as well as 10 $5,000 prizes. Players with non-winning Bonus Crossword tickets can extend their play to try to win more prizes by downloading the free Maryland Lottery Bonus Crossword app. Visit for details. Play on a smartphone, mobile device or PC for a chance to win a coupon valued from $2 to $20 redeemable for more scratch-offs or the award of 10 to 200 My Lottery Rewards points. They can also play for fun.