Deep Dive Into Purse Produces $250,000 Discovery

Westminster woman wins top prize on Lottery’s Cash scratch-off

Like turning over couch cushions, a deep dive into your purse or your wallet sometimes leads to an unexpected surprise. A Westminster property manager experienced this first-hand last week after reaching into her handbag and discovering a forgotten scratch-off ticket worth $250,000!

The lucky lady said she rarely plays scratch-offs, but purchased one on a whim during a recent lunch break. A co-worker she was joining for lunch picked out a scratch-off and the 39-year-old Carroll County resident followed suit, treating herself to a Cash ticket and tucking it away in her purse.

A week later she plucked the $10 ticket out of her purse and began to scratch it. As she did, her chances to win dimmed initially. None of the winning numbers she revealed matched any of the numbers below. But then she revealed a “win all” symbol. And that delivered every prize amount she had just revealed on her scratch-off. The lucky lady spotted 25 different $10,000 prizes on the ticket, but couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“I scanned the ticket with my Lottery app for the final dose of reality,” said the winner.

The app chirped back a confirmation: She had just won a $250,000 top-prize!

Although she was now a believer, it took her husband a bit longer to accept their good fortune.

“Even after we had driven to Lottery headquarters to claim the winnings, he still expected friends to jump out like this had been an elaborate prank,” she added.

The lucky winner said she isn’t certain how she will put the prize to use, but thinks she may boost retirement savings and plan a trip somewhere warm.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Franklin Boulevard Exxon, located at 11904 Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown. For selling a top-prize-winning ticket on the Cash scratch-off, the Exxon station will receive a $1,000 retailer bonus from the Lottery.

The Cash game launched in February, and this was the second of its $250,000 top prizes to be claimed. There are still five more unclaimed top prizes, along with 17 $10,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.