Delaware Man Wins $10,000 Maryland Lottery Prize

$10k Platinum Play MartinDelaware retiree Delars Martin wins $10,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off  prize!

Takes home prize playing $20 scratch-off

Delars Martin, a 67-year-old retiree from Delaware, says his three grandkids can expect a little something extra in their Christmas stockings this year. He won a $10,000 prize playing the $1,000,000 Platinum Play scratch-off ticket.

The lucky winner, who lives near the Maryland/Delaware state line, said he won his good fortune after making a special trip to the Royal Farms store at 1199 East Pulaski Highway in Elkton to buy a few scratch-off tickets before the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

“I only buy Maryland Lottery scratch-offs,” he said. “Maryland has such a wide variety of scratch-off tickets. And, for every four tickets or so that I buy here in Maryland, I usually find that I’m going have a winner in there somewhere.”

Delars, who is a Maryland native and has been retired for about four years, said he and his wife moved to Delaware about 20 years ago after his job at a cryogenics company relocated there. “Whenever I’m in Baltimore visiting my three grandkids, I try to pick up a few Mega Millions and Powerball tickets as well.”

He said that besides buying his family a few extra gifts for the upcoming holiday, he plans to put the rest in his saving account.

After debuting this past August, there are still four top-tier $1,000,000.00, nine second-tier $50,000, and 24 third-tier $10,000 prizes remaining on the $1,000,000 Platinum Play ticket.