Delayed Delight – $1.2 Million Multi-Match Ticket Surfaces from Overstuffed Wallet

Baltimore County Winner of December Jackpot Steps Forward.

The mystery of the months-old $1.2 million Multi-Match win is now no longer a secret. A regular player with a peculiar style of play stepped forward this week presenting his lucky ticket at Lottery headquarters and claiming the jackpot prize. The win was a surprise to 50 year-old Randallstown man as well, who unearthed the lucky ticket from an overstuffed Lottery wallet just this week!

The regular player said he will often wait a month or two before reviewing the growing stack of tickets he purchases each week and stuffs into a straining Lottery playslip holder. When he heard that there had been a winner in his area, he was initially afraid to check his tickets, figuring if he peeked at them too early he’d jinx himself out of a big win. Instead, he waited and listened to see if someone claimed the big prize.

When more than two months had passed no one claimed the prize, he pulled out his phone and began checking his stack of tickets using the Lottery’s smartphone app. The wallet full of tickets produced a few sizable wins, but the app returned an incredibly large number when he scanned the lucky Multi-Match ticket!

“My heart was beating real fast,” said the winner.

The reality of the win is just setting in for the lucky player, who couldn’t relax until he had reviewed the results several times.

“I see my name right there. It’s real,” he told Lottery officials while pointing to his oversized check.

The lucky winner said he may be able to use the winnings to move to the quiet country home he’s always dreamed of. For now, he plans to take a long awaited vacation and live debt free.

“Not a bad investment from an $8 ticket,” he said with a smile.

December 13th’s momentous Multi-Match win marked the final of five top-prize Multi-Match wins in 2018. The 7-11 convenience store located at 8890 McDonogh Road in Owings Mills was the source of this bit of Lottery luck and will receive a $1,200 retailer bonus from the Lottery for selling the $1.2 million winning ticket.