Delayed Win Gives Silver Spring Man a “Second Chance”

Victor Serrano - Mega Millions

Victor Serrano of Silver Spring shows off his big win.

Wins $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Victor Serrano’s Mega Millions ticket had been tucked inside his wallet for over a month when his father offered to check it at the store. When Serrano’s father returned, he told his son that he should probably have the ticket checked again due to an odd message that appeared on the scanner at the store. When the Silver Spring native went back the next day he saw that the forgotten ticket was actually worth $250,000.

The 22-year-old came into Lottery headquarters with a friend, eager to claim his winnings. The man, who works in auto collision repair, sees his huge win as a great opportunity to change his life. “This is a chance for me to have a new start,” he said. “It’s truly a blessing.”

Serrano, who had to take off work in order to claim his prize, said few people thought a win like this was possible. “I’ve told some close friends, but none of them really believe me,” he said laughing. “I’m sure they’ll believe me when I put my picture online with me holding the giant check!”

The modest 22-year-old said he plans on making a large payment on his mother’s home and wants to save the rest. “I’m not going to waste this money. As tempting as it is, I just can’t do that with this win,” he said. The winning ticket was sold at 7-11 #32975 at 9651 Washington Boulevard in Laurel.