Delmar Fan Who Crosses State Lines to Play Scratch-offs Wins $20,000 Prize

Lottery fan “Eastern Shore Playa,” who lives in Delmar, scored a $20,000 prize on the $250,000 Rich game.

Lottery fan also a big Delaware lottery winner

It wasn’t his biggest lottery prize ever, but a happy player who lives in the border town of Delmar on the Mason-Dixon Line said the $20,000 prize he collected on March 8 was his biggest Maryland Lottery prize.

“I won $100,000 previously in Delaware,” said the 68-year-old, who is going by the nickname “Eastern Shore Playa.” With the winnings he just collected at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, the loyal player expects to pay off some bills and put exactly $3,450 in emergency savings.

“Eastern Shore Playa’s” big Maryland score came on the $10 $250,000 Rich scratch-off, which has a top prize of $250,000. He bought it at the Stop N Shop convenience store at 403 South Bi State Boulevard in Delmar. What he does with his winnings – and he says he’s won several prizes over the years in the $5,000 range and even more for hundreds of dollars each – isn’t all that important to “Eastern Shore Playa.” For him, Lottery games are about the thrill of playing.

“It’s the surprise of scratching something off and seeing something decent,” he said.

While he plays a fair number of scratch-offs, he has a particular interest in Multi-Match. He thinks the Maryland-only weekly jackpot game offers him a good chance of winning a large amount. While he enjoys his scratch-off hobby, “Eastern Shore Playa” said he abides by a cardinal rule of gambling by never playing more than he can afford. That way, he can feel good about playing.

The lucky man found the first of seven $20,000 prizes on the $250,000 Rich scratch-off, which still has all five of its $250,000 top prizes awaiting discovery. The game is paired in promotions with the $30 $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off. The two games hold the top two positions on the Maryland Lottery’s Top 40 scratch-off list.