Deserving Cambridge Woman Wins $1 Million on Big Money Mega Play

Three $1 million Top Prizes Still Remain on Scratch-Off

Big Money Mega PlayShaking his head and expressing disbelief, the winner’s son kept repeating, “This doesn’t happen to people like her.” The “her” was his mother and winner of the second of five $1 million top prizes on the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off.  The happy winner, who was accompanied to Lottery headquarters by her son and a friend, is a lifelong caregiver, both in her work and on the home front. “She gives her last dollar to everybody,” said the son. “She gives it away and does without.”

The 63-year-old was on her way to work yesterday and after stopping for coffee, stopped to buy a couple Lottery scratch-offs. A fan of the Lottery since its inception in 1973, the happy winner recounted winning $40 the very first time she played a Lottery game over 37 years ago. A few years back she also won $7,777 on a scratch-off. But, those wins pale in comparison to her latest windfall.

Good luck struck yesterday afternoon when she purchased two instant tickets. She revealed her win right in the parking lot of the Lottery retailer and quickly went back into the store to confirm her millionaire status. Once confirmed, she proceeded to her care-giving job. A few hours into her eight and a half hour shift, she called her son to share the good news. “He asked how much I won, if it was a lot,” she said. “I said ‘how much do you call a lot?’” The son responded $1,000. After telling him to tack on three more zeros, she then called her brother and friend with her news. The winner intends to use her newfound fortune in her typical fashion—to help others. She will pay off her son’s mortgage, give money to her daughter for a house down payment and establish a trust fund for her two grandchildren. The winning ticket was purchased at Ocean Highway Exxon, located at 324 Sunburst Hwy. in Cambridge.