Destination Luckytown: Retired Bus Driver Wins $50,000 Lottery Prize

Finds first top-prize Holiday Lucky Times 10 scratch-off

237-Holiday-Lucky-Times-10-ITVMA retired MTA bus driver just steered his way to Luckytown, thanks to the Maryland Lottery. The Baltimore man scratched off a Holiday Lucky Times 10 instant ticket last week and won the new game’s first top prize of $50,000.

His lucky journey began with a Pick 4 ticket from an evening drawing. The 80-year-old had a boxed number combination that delivered a small win, which was enough to put a bounce in his step and a few scratch-offs in his hand. When he visited the Route 40 BP in Catonsville, the retiree purchased more numbers and several of the $5 Holiday Lucky Times 10 scratch-offs. When he scratched one ticket, the happy man revealed a $5,000 prize and a ‘bell’ symbol, which means he won 10 times the amount shown.

Although this is his largest win to date, the longtime player enjoyed other lucky wins back in the days when he was a bus driver.

“I owe a lot to my riders because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here,” he said, sitting in the Winner’s Lounge at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. “It was my duty and job to get them where they need to be on time. On Fridays, I’d buy a big bucket of candy and offer it to riders and when I was off (work), I’d treat myself to three $1 scratch-offs. One of those was my first big win.”

The married man, who has enjoyed 20 years of retirement so far, said the win will help him and his wife live more comfortably.

For selling the top-prize ticket, Rt. 40 BP located at 5612 Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. The Holiday Lucky Time 10 game still has three $50,000 top prizes and nine $5,000 prizes awaiting discovery at Maryland retailers.

Those playing this year’s new holiday scratch-offs like the Holiday Lucky Times 10 game get a second chance to win one of 184 cash prizes or a trip to Chicago to participate in a 90-second Warehouse Dash® shopping spree. Check for details.