Diamonds (and Bingo Scratch-offs) are a Girl’s Best Friend

$30K Pink Diamond Bingo_Aylor_web2

Marja Aylor and partner Mark Henkel celebrate her $30,000 win on the Pink Diamond Bingo game!

Manchester mom wins $30,000 playing the Pink Diamond Bingo game

Marja Aylor of Manchester is still in shock after scratching her way to a $30,000 win on the Pink Diamond Bingo game!

The 66-year-old is one lucky scratch-off novice. When her partner of 20 years, Mark Henkel, said he was going to the store, she asked him to pick up a few scratch-offs for her. Mark did just that, purchasing six Pink Diamond Bingo scratch-offs at Sheetz #177 in Manchester.

“I came home and gave her three and kept three for myself,” Mark said.

They began to scratch off the $3 games together and that’s when the fun began. Since Marja is a novice scratcher, she knew she won something when she revealed the “X” in the last box on her instant ticket but had no clue how much.

“I play all the time, so I knew the last box is worth more,” said Mark. “I grabbed my glasses, so I could see how much.” Mark and Marja were looking at a $30,000 winning ticket! She sent Mark back to the store to confirm their Lottery luck and he returned with the great news. Marja immediately signed the back of the ticket and put it away in a safe place overnight. The worn-out woman claimed her prize the next day. “I had a sleepless night worrying about that scratch-off,” said a still nervous Marja.

The couple, who have five grown children between them, said the winnings will go toward another car, a new microwave, a new mattress and a nice dinner for two. Also a winner is the lucky Sheetz store that sold the top-prize scratch-off in the game. Sheetz #177 located at 3281 Main Street will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.

The Pink Diamond Bingo game still has lots of unclaimed prizes remaining, including three $30,000 top prizes and 40 $1,000 prizes.