Doctor’s Powerball Numbers Deliver His First Maryland Lottery Win

A Howard County physician who decided to chase the Powerball jackpot of $150.4 million on June 20 came up with a big win — just not quite what the doctor ordered! He was, however, the only Marylander to win the third tier prize of $50,000 in that drawing and took home an additional $4 prize on his lucky ticket.

What made his win so special, the fan of jackpot games said, is that it was his first as a Maryland Lottery player. “The Lottery is like movie tickets, you’re first filled excitement and joy and then it slowly starts to settle,” he said.

Back in June, when the Powerball jackpot was climbing to $150.4 million, the Ellicott City man was among the many people who decided it was time to “Let Yourself Play!” The 67-year-old usually gets a ticket when the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are on a roll. His lucky stop that day was at River Hill Sunoco located at 5015 Signal Bell Lane in Clarksville, where he bought a $10 quick-pick ticket that gave him the $50,004 win.

The married winner plans to pay down some of his mortgage with the prize and save some of the windfall for future endeavors — maybe more Powerball or Mega Millions tickets! The jackpot for the Friday, July 13 Mega Millions drawing is $340 million while the Powerball jackpot climbed to $100 million for the Saturday, July 14 drawing.