Doozy of a Day Gives Way to Invigorating Scratch-off Win

Baltimore woman claims $20,000 Lucky Bingo prize

Asked to name her favorite Maryland Lottery game the day before her rendezvous with Lottery luck, a Baltimore woman would have said Pick 4. The retiree plays her favorite game nearly every day but it took a random Lucky Bingo scratch-off to add $20,000 to her bank account!

The 68-year-old resident of West Baltimore, who is an occasional scratch-off player, has found that only an instant ticket will help her relax on busy days. “I don’t have too many crazy-busy days anymore, so I almost never think to get a scratch-off,” she told Lottery officials. “But yesterday (Wednesday), that was a doozy.”

Her last chore of the day left her near Westside Liquors in Baltimore, which is a Lottery retailer. “I knew I was going to need a stress reliever so I went in,” she said. “I’ve found bingo games fun in the past so that’s why I chose Lucky Bingo.”

Scratching off the $2 game later at home, she was floored by what she saw.

“I studied the ticket over and over again, getting more excited,” she said. “It came out to a $20,000 win every time. Finally, I just said, ‘Oh, my goodness!’ ”

Except for taking a vacation next year, our winner is still thinking about her options for her Lucky Bingo windfall. She will continue with her Lottery routine – for the most part. “I may try a bingo ticket a little more often after this,” she said.

Her $20,000 winning scratch-off was hiding at Westside Liquors, which is located at 2413 Frederick Avenue in Baltimore. For selling the top-prize scratch-off in the game, the lucky retailer earns a $200 bonus from the Lottery.

Lucky Bingo is still packed with prizes. This is just the second top prize claimed since the game debuted in August. There are 10 top prizes still available along with 10 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $2 to $1,000.