Dorchester County Trio Celebrate $50,000 Win

$500 Frenzy instant ticket delivers Lottery luck

A Cambridge man with money on his mind wasted no time traveling from the Eastern Shore to Maryland Lottery headquarters on Monday. His wife and her father joined him in the Winner’s Circle as they celebrated his $50,000 top-prize win on the $500 Frenzy scratch-off.

The lucky winner and his wife bought the instant ticket at Ocean Exxon in Cambridge on Saturday, Aug. 12. When they scratched it off, they were not immediately sure of their prize.

“I was looking at it, and I thought we won, but my eyesight isn’t 20-20,” he said with a laugh. When the 33-year-old plays instant tickets, he usually scratches off the game’s barcode and scans it to determine if he’s got a winner.

His wife, on the other hand, has an entirely different attitude when it comes to scratch-offs. “I like to play the games,” she said.

A celebration ensued when the couple finally realized that one of the ticket’s winning numbers matched the number that carried a $50,000 prize.

“We went home and my father-in-law and I had a toast,” the lucky winner said. He kept the instant ticket in his back pocket all weekend until he could claim the prize.

The $20,000 windfall is by far the largest Lottery prize that the Dorchester County resident has ever won and it continues his recent run of Lottery luck. Not long ago, he won $800 and $400 playing Pick 4. His wife said she doesn’t often play scratch-offs, but she did win $50 on an instant ticket she bought on their way to Lottery headquarters.

The winner and his wife are the parents of two children. One daughter is about to start her senior year in high school, which means some of the prize could soon go toward college tuition. The couple also hopes to eliminate a few bills, including a car payment.

Their lucky retailer is a winner, too. Ocean Exxon, which is located at 324 Sunburst Highway in Cambridge, will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the lucky top-prize instant ticket.

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