Doubly Good Win For Pasadena Woman Who Plays in Pairs

An afternoon off from work never tasted sweeter than it did last week for an Anne Arundel County healthcare provider, whose stop at a local convenience store turned fortuitous. The scratch-off player, who always selects her tickets by the twosome, picked a pair of lucky scratch-offs and won a $200,000 top-prize.

“For some reason, I began buying my scratch-offs in pairs and have stuck with it,” the 51 year-old explained, adding that it’s a strategy that has paid off before, but never to the degree it did last week. She purchased the lucky tickets from one of the Lottery’s new touch-screen vending machines, scrolling through the selections until she found a game that caught her eye. She selected a $10 $200,000 Jackpot scratch-off and purchased two of them.

“Is that right?” she asked herself as she stared at one of the tickets after scratching it. She was a $10 winner on one of the tickets, but the other delivered a $200,000 top prize.

The Pasadena resident she didn’t allow herself to fully process the significance of the win until she called the Lottery to confirm what she was seeing. She read the numbers one-by-one until the voice on the other end of the line told her what she already knew – that she was a $200,000 winner!

The lucky winner said she hasn’t made extensive plans for her winnings, but added that she hopes to purchase a garden shed and use a portion of the funds to help a friend who is struggling.

The winning ticket was sold at the Royal Farms store located at 8551 Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena. For selling a top-prize-winning scratch-off, the lucky store earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. The $200,000 Jackpot game launched in May, and four of its $200,000 top prizes are still unclaimed, along with seven $20,000 prizes, 16 $10,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from$10 to $1,000.