Dream Leads Retiree to $10,000 Winning Scratch-Off

Finds his good fortune playing 10x Cash game

“Bill” of Frederick woke up feeling very lucky after dreaming that his late grandmother was telling him, “Congratulations!”

The 61-year-old retiree decided to pay attention to both the dream and his sense that good fortune was coming his way. The loyal scratch-off fan headed to Ballenger Creek Pike Exxon on 15111 Elk Run Road in Frederick to buy several 10x Cash scratch-offs.

On his first scratch-off, Bill won $15. The next day, he figured he’d try again. “As I began scratching on my second time around, I noticed that a $1,000 kept coming up back to back,” he said. “That’s when I said to myself that I finally got the big one. I felt absolutely stunned as I looked at the ticket in the store.”

Bill said he remembers that “stunned” feeling all too well because he experienced it in November after a $5,000 win on Pick 4. “That amazing feeling when you win money never gets old,” he said.

He plans to save most of his winnings. “You can never have enough when you retire,” he said. “I’m realizing that. This certainly does take a tremendous weight off my shoulders.”

The happy winner said he’s still feeling lucky. “I may see you guys real soon if I hit playing Cash4Life or Mega Millions. You never know.”

The popular 10x Cash game still has 42 top prizes remaining, along with thousands of prizes of $10 to $1,000.