Dream Leads to Big Win for Baltimore County Couple [VIDEO]


Lucky 7s Game Book Produces a Millionaire

It’s something from a movie – someone has a dream, plays the Lottery and wins big.  An Owings Mills couple recently visited Lottery headquarters with a Lucky 7s Game Book scratch-off ticket worth $1 million.  The couple, a nurse and school teacher, still can’t believe their good fortune.

“I was getting carry-out for dinner and the store next door sold Lottery tickets.  I was about to get a different ticket when I remembered something that my daughter had mentioned to me,” said the wife.  “She said that she had a dream about me winning with the Game Book ticket.”

The woman told Lottery officials that she was skeptical about the Game Book since she usually didn’t buy scratch-offs, but was willing to give it a try. Later when she discovered that her daughter’s dream had become a reality, she was in complete shock. The family spent the rest of the evening trying to come to terms with the win and what it meant for the family.

As a result of the win, the family’s hefty college expenses are covered.  Another result of the win? Their daughter now believes that she’s a physic.  Good fortune found the couple at Sam’s Wine & Spirit at 11130 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills.

The Lucky 7s Game Book consists of six $5 tickets for only $20.  The scratch-off, which launched in late August, has four remaining top prizes as well as numerous other prizes, including $50,000, remaining.