Dundalk Couple Packing for Vegas after Big Lottery Win

Triple Green Crossword scratch-off yields $10,000 prize

277-Triple-Green-Crossword-ITVM_P1-blueA 69-year-old Dundalk man and his fiancé, who enjoy extended-play scratch-off games, are packing their belongings for a move to Vegas paid for in part by a $10,000 prize they just won on the Triple Green Crossword game.

The part-time school bus driver was finishing his shift last week when he decided to stop at the Soda Pop Store at 7715 Westfield Road in Dundalk. He purchased bingo and crossword scratch-offs for the couple to play later. When he got home, the Baltimore County man gave his fiancé two of the games to play and he scratched off one game.

“She actually scratched the winning Triple Green Crossword ticket,” said the smiling winner. “I thought she was kidding when she said, ‘This one is a $10,000 winner!’ ” He double-checked the scratch-off to confirm the win and realized she was correct! The couple wasted no time claiming their big prize.

They enjoy visiting Las Vegas and are planning to move there in the spring. They told Lottery officials that the $10,000 prize will help them have a nice holiday and offset their relocation costs.

There are still plenty of winning scratch-offs left in the $5 Triple Green Crossword game. Players can hunt for two more $50,000 top prizes, five more $10,000 prizes and thousands of other prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.