Dundalk Couple Takes Home Second Big Lottery Win in One Week [VIDEO]

Claims $100,000 Playing Winner’s Luck and $10,000 Playing Club Casino Scratch-offs

Michelle and Dean Fowler of Dundalk are going to require permanent parking spaces at Maryland Lottery headquarters if they keep finding big scratch-off winners! While celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary last Saturday, Michelle purchased four scratch-offs hoping to repeat their luck from earlier in the week when she and her husband won $100,000 playing a Winner’s Luck scratch-off. Her optimism paid off when they uncovered a $10,000 prize on the Club Casino scratch-off!

Michelle, who is a state employee, told Lottery officials that she wasn’t certain how much she had won after scratching off the $10 Club Casino ticket. “I’m not the best scratch-off player, so I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at it,” Michelle said.

Dean, who regularly buys scratch-offs, knew as soon as his wife uncovered two $1,000 prizes on the ticket that they had won $10,000. “I knew it wasn’t a top prize, so I figured it was worth $10,000,” he said.

Few players can boast of winning multiple large Lottery prizes within the same week. A double win during the week of April Fools’ Day doesn’t help make their situation believable, either. “When I called in to work this morning to tell them I would be late, they didn’t believe me!” shared Michelle, “I mean, how does this happen? It’s incredible.”

They are hoping that Lady Luck will strike one more time. “Good things always come in threes, right?” Michelle joked.

The Fowlers have already enjoyed the benefits from their first win. The pair told Lottery officials that they had paid off all of their bills and ordered a new air conditioning unit and a furnace. Dean, who owns a roofing company, said the first win was definitely helpful because his business slowed down during the harsh winter weather. The family also picked out a suit for their son to wear to his prom in two weeks.

“When we told our son that we had won again, it didn’t really faze him,” Michelle said.

“It’s like old news,” Dean said, laughing.

The Fowlers found their luck at the Royal Farms #102 located at 10740 Pulaski Highway in White Marsh.

Michelle and Dean Fowler - Club Casino_web
Michelle and Dean Fowler of Dundalk can’t believe they won two big Maryland Lottery scratch-off prizes in one week. Their double wins of $10,000 and $100,000 have the pair hoping that good things really do come in threes!